What We Do


At Mathills Services Limited, we understand how important it is to recruit the right people for a specified position and in the right environment. Our recruitment services covers: Job Description Vacancy Posting CV filtering Interview Scheduling Service Fee. We would not take percentage of salary like the traditional recruitment agency, there are no hidden costs or placement fees.CANDIDATE SEARCHOur candidate search will; Utilize our extensive database of contacts to find the right candidate with the experience you need.Professionally approach Job ....



Mathills Services provides our clients a cost effective solution for the administration of their HR department.We offer businesses, whether small, medium or large a systematized Human Resource Management, we take the time to customize each client's Hr needs with the best services to keep your business in a conducive, accommodating and productive atmosphere.We would work closely with you to offer the right resources that enables you to stay focused on your business operations. We are dedicated to offering the very ....



Our employee management training will aid to improve staff performance, enhance skills and produce better result from your workforce.We manage performance by our;Appraising Skills- We help clients conduct performance reviews and implement best practices where applicable to boost employee performance. We help our clients understand employee feedback on performance and proffer solutions to help employees be the best they can be.

By being able to determine the areas for improvement, we help clients implement best practice(s) that would improve their ....