about mathills services limited

We are Mathills Services Limited

MATHILLS SERVICES LIMITED is a consulting firm that provides a wide range of human resource solutions with a business focus. We are a dynamic organization that excels in consulting, training, and delivering results. We provide current solutions and business innovations such as outsourcing and recruitment of quality talent, business consultancy, training and business process engineering to serve small to large size private, public and non-profit organizations across diverse sectors.


We are a professional brand, strategically positioned to assist organizations in Human resource services. We engage in a recruiting approach that attracts candidates you’re excited to hire, provide ongoing, outsourced HR management services tailored to your specific needs in a way that helps motivate and retain your employees and we keep a pool of qualified professionals ready to provide full-time, temporary support for your short-term and long term human resource needs.

At MATHILLS, we are committed to providing the best services for our clients tailored to their needs. We achieve this by thoroughly examining and analysing their operations and processes to achieve positive outcomes for our clients. In addition, our integrated team approach and our client-first philosophy is what makes us unique.

Why Mathills Services Limited

  • Our Vision

    To be an unforgettable brand known for cutting edge service delivery.

  • Our Mission

    Providing a proficient and reliable HR solution that empowers organizational work force and creates a lasting experience.

  • Our Expertise

    We deliver optimal and high quality services to our clients, filled with experienced specialists who provide unique and comprehensive service(s) in every area.

why choose us ?

Mathills Services Limited is strategically positioned to assist organizations in Human resource services

our competitive advantage

We differentiate ourselves from our peers by offering our customers a streamlined approach that efficiently integrates our process into their business to deliver expected results.

the value we bring to our clients

Our service is guided by demands of the current business which is reliability, timeliness, efficiency and problem solving.

Core Values

Mathills Services Limited is a dynamic organisation whose corevalues shape the culture and define the character of the company.


Making our clients our priority and offering innovative solutions and ideas for better working environment.

Professionalism and Excellence

We cut across various quality expertise that differentiates us from our competitors.


We acknowledge and take pride in the diversity of our team and mutually respect the skills and abilities of one and other.


Team collaboration and working hand-in-hand with each other brings a workforce that can achieve its goals.